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The General Student Senate discusses Sodexo deal further with Tad Stone

On Tuesday, April 18, the General Student Senate (GSS) passed several end of year acts.

An act to allocate $4,000 to Women’s Club Soccer for travel, lodging and registration fees for the 2023-24 season was put forth. The senate voted unanimously in approval. 

An act to allocate $16,000 to Student Entertainment for an increase in overall concert expenses, including tents, insurance, meals and facility fees was proposed. The senate amended the amount to $20,000 per the request of the speaker. The senate voted in approval of this act. 

An act to urge President Ferrini-Mundy and the Dean of Students to voice support for a bill that would add 10 student members to the board of trustees was brought before the senate. After a period of discussion and debate the senate voted unanimously in favor. 

Tad Stone appeared before the senate as a guest speaker once again to further discuss the University of Maine’s partnering with Sodexo. He shared many ideas for improvements and innovations that have been put into motion. With around $3.5 million being invested by Sodexo into dining services across campus, we can expect to see the following changes within the next year: a food truck designed to feature a variety of foods, a coffee shop and Wells Dining Hall.

In 2024, there will be large renovations made on both York and Hilltop dining halls. Additionally, there will be a 24-hour autonomous market in Wells that accepts dining funds, Bear Bucks, as well as credit and debit card payments. Students can use an app to select their payment method. The store is able to recognize what you buy and charges your account with the appropriate amount. 

An act to add section M under Part One, Section 1 of the Financial Policies was also proposed. Section M states, “a set amount of Student Activity Fee dollars will be set aside in the annual budget for outdoor clubs. This amount will be an estimate of the club’s collective needs, including but not limited to gear, storage supplies for gear, and safety equipment. The VPFA and the EBC will decide this dollar amount using an estimate from the prior two semesters to better reflect the actual unallocated for the upcoming fiscal year. Outdoors clubs may end up receiving more than the unallocated amount at the discretion of the EBC through the regular additional funding request process.” The senate voted in favor of the act. 

VP Delorge reported that candidates for executive positions are currently being interviewed. 

VP for Financial Affairs Paige Allen reported that there is currently $53,055.92 remaining in unallocated funds.

Advisor to student government Lauri Sidelko reported that next week is Maine Days.

She also reported that leadership awards will be held next Tuesday in Buchannan at 3:30 p.m.

The Golf Club appeared before the senate to receive preliminary recognition as a university club. The senate voted unanimously in approval.

The Graduate Student Senate Representative reported that they are working to move the hours for the winter parking ban from noon to 1 a.m. 

Security representative Memphis Peterson reported that the University of Maine Police Department (UMPD) is installing cameras along Long Road and Flagstaff Road. Peterson also reported that the university is likely moving away from the current blue light system, as the current cost is seen as too high. Presently it costs the University $12,000 per year, with an additional $4,000 to fix individual stations when necessary.

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