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Letter to the Editor from Gabriel Karam

To the Editor:

The group formerly known as the UMaine College Republicans deserves to be ousted.

The former UMaine College Republicans (UMCR) got what it deserved: it is no longer recognized by the University of Maine Student Government (UMSG). The UMCR’s conduct over the last several months has been more intended at childishly offending people instead of contributing a venue for political discussion.

An earlier offense was around Indigenous People’s Day 2019. The group, which regularly used its Facebook page to warrant hostility through idiotic memes, posted an especially offensive post. The post argued that the holiday should still be called Columbus Day, which is fine. The offensive part was the group’s rationale: they reasoned that Columbus, an explorer guilty of genocide and slavery, had saved these “savages” from cannibalism and barbarism. Yes, some Indigenous people had engaged in human sacrifices, cannibalism, etc. However, one wrong (genocide and slavery) does not “cancel out” another wrong. Instead of mentioning how European imperialism dislocated and killed countless Native Americans who had their own cultures, the former UMCR pivoted by alluding to a racist “white savior” myth.

One of the more recent offenses was booking a speaker who had ties to a Holocaust denier. The Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) refused to allow this speaker to present. It is beyond ignorant to welcome a speaker like this. History repeats itself because of people who ignore history. This action was beyond a slap in the face to Jewish and other students.

Additionally, the former UMCR idolizes President Trump. The president is not even a true conservative. He has changed parties numerous times, his protectionist tariffs run contrary to neoliberalism, his outlandish spending does not equal fiscal responsibility and his disdain for climate change run contrary to Nixon and Theodore Roosevelt’s environmental concern. Trump is a constitutional threat due to his frequent executive orders and his attempt to repeal the 14th Amendment.

The former UMCR had it coming. As a conservative myself, they give Republicans a bad name. It is good that they are no longer recognized by the university.


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