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THIS WEEK: National holidays Sept. 28 through Oct. 2

Monday: National Good Neighbor Day

Created by Jimmy Carter in 1978, National Good Neighbor Day was created with the purpose of broadening social horizons and building a strong community. Some ways to celebrate may include writing a heartfelt note to leave on their doorstep, dropping off a small gift like a game or drinks or even by simply giving your neighbors a call. Channel your inner Mr. Rogers today and to both make new friends and find comfort in the old. 

Tuesday: National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day was created in late 2014 by the National Coffee Association and gives us all a perfect excuse to indulge in our favorite cup of joe. On this day, many restaurants are having sweet deals in the spirit of this holiday, including Dunkin’ and Starbucks, so be sure to check your area for what may be going on. Perhaps the best way to celebrate is by trying a new coffee, or by checking out small coffee shops and investing in local businesses. 

Wednesday: National Hot Mulled Cider Day

For those who went apple picking over the weekend, you can look forward to Sept. 30 as National Hot Mulled Cider Day. Originally based on an old Pagan tradition of wassailing for good health, mulled cider included many other ingredients besides apples and fall spices (try curdled cream and eggs!). For now, there are plenty of recipes to try, including Food Network’s Hot Mulled Cider recipe, needing only a few fall spices and fresh apple cider, with a total prep and cook time of approximately 20 minutes. 

Thursday: National Homemade Cookies Day

Keeping with the cooking theme, Oct. 1 is National Homemade Cookies Day, and gives us the opportunity to both gather with close friends or family and experiment with new and favorite recipes, maybe ending in a major food coma. For those more apt to celebrate in other ways than just cooking, you can put on your favorite baking show or purchase homemade cookies from a local business around the corner. 

Friday: National Walk and Bike to School Day

Almost just the opposite of what Thursday brings, Oct. 2 is National Walk and Bike to School Day. First celebrated in 2012 alongside the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Month, this holiday emphasizes health and wellness during the first week of October. As UMaine students, we can take advantage of the University Bike Paths which extend through Orono and Old Town by commuting to class either by foot or by bike. For those with online classes, taking a walk either on the University paths or safely down the street in your neighborhood can help clear your mind. 

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