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Sunday, March 29, 11:14 p.m.

‘Women in Leadership Week’ culminates with installation of UMaine’s first female president

Engineering Professorship aimed at equipping students with leadership skills

Jungle Fever

Ecology students learn more than science on Amazon trip
Nicole Keefner reading with Peruvian children.
Courtesy of Michaela Morris
Nicole Keefner reading with Peruvian children.

What did you do for Spring Break?
Did you go to Cancun, Canada or somewhere in between? Or did you just stay home, wearing out your hard drive watching Netflix, eating pints of ice cream on the …

Presentation inspires hope for bird rehabilitation

A bald eagle sits on a Bangor sidewalk, dazed from lead poisoning, as people clutter around, fumbling with their phones to take a close-up picture of the grounded raptor. Elsewhere, a loon has become tangled in …

Artist combines craft with science as part of Bangor festival  

Her grandparents were artists. Her parents were scientists. Barbara Putnam’s passions met in the middle, and she grew up fascinated by the connectivity of the two disciplines.
Today, Putnam uses art to communicate issues in science, focusing …


Music Review: Action Bronson, “Mr. Wonderful”

Rating: 9
Without having even heard his music, Action Bronson is a gigantic personality and he is capable of getting by on that fact alone. He recently finished hosting the first season of his online Vice food …

Film Review: “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Rating: 6.5
To some, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” could be considered a high energy entertainment romp, but to others it might be a film that can’t quite make up its mind.
“Kingsman” is about Eggsy, a teenager with …

Game Review: “Final Fantasy Type 0 HD”

Rating: 4
Improved graphics, rebalanced combat and a localization for a game never before seen in America. These are just some of the reasons you should avoid “Final Fantasy Type 0 HD.”
Square Enix’s first step into the …