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Sunday, May 11, 9:39 a.m.

Park7 Group’s proposed student housing complex The Avenue at Orono will continue to undergo review by the Orono planning board into next month.
Since the March 19 planning board meeting, Park7 Group and WBRC Architects and Engineers …

Just off College Avenue, there is a white house which sits on a quarter-acre lawn surrounded by trees. It was originally an energy systems experiment conducted by two UMaine professors, a contractor and several graduate students …


Lomberg suspended, facing assault charges

UMaine announces Bob Walsh as men’s basketball head coach

Photo Courtesy of Rhode Island College

Kicking Brass: Capital Cities perform at Collins Center night before Maine Day

Derrick Rossignol

On the eve of Maine Day, renowned pop duo Capital Cities and opening act Scavenger Hunt performed at the Collins Center for the Arts as part of the Campus Consciousness Tour.
Capital Cities, along with their touring …

Adapted Swim and Gym celebrates 30 years

Miranda is 9 years old. She loves the color pink. She loves coloring. She loves art. She does not like exercising. Physical activity is a matter of uncertainty for the adapted physical education participant.
Miranda would shut …

Friday Night Puppets

In the spirit of college student experimentation, they gathered to try something new. Katy Perry’s song, Dark Horse, echoed down the shadowy and vacant halls of the IMRC Center in Stewart Commons where the xx University …


Student symphony performs at CCA

On Thursday, April 17, the University of Maine School of Performing Arts held a symphonic band concert at the Collins Center for the Arts from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.
UMaine’s concert and symphonic bands performed in the …

Film Review: Transcendence

Unlike many movies, “Transcendence” boldly and bluntly expresses a singular theme, instead of tiptoeing around sensitive ideas in an attempt to seem multifaceted or overly intelligent.
While the quality of “Transcendence’s” actual cinematic elements is debatable, there …

Album Review: Todd Terje, ‘It’s Album Time’

Social get-togethers in our neck of the woods primarily bump modern kick-clap-kick-clap hits or nostalgia tunes from pre-college years, but Todd Terje’s debut LP would do just as well at ushering in an upbeat spring while …


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