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GSS Recap

The General Student Senate meeting on Oct. 13 began with roll call, and the Pledge of Allegiance given by Vice President Zachary Wyles.


General Good and Welfare:


The minutes from the Oct. 6 meeting were approved by the senate, and Vice President Wyles brought up his Robert’s Rule item of the week, which was tabling an item. Tabling is used to move a discussion or decision on a topic to a later date. When an item is effectively tabled by the senate, it can’t be brought up before the date decided upon. 


Executive Reports:


President Harrison Ransley spoke again on reinstating the director of technology position. He also informed the senate that this will be his second to last meeting before he takes his leave of absence.Wyles was pleased to announce that most people have filled out committee sign up forms for the semester. He has also been working closely with the membership committee about organizing a retreat for the senate. On Oct. 27, costumes would be allowed at the meeting. Vice President of Financial Affairs Jacob Tauke announced that the student government has a total of $224,809.04 in unallocated funds. This number is increased from previous meetings, because there was a transfer from a projected number to an actual number. The student activity fee is now in the system and up to date. He also spoke on the director of technology position, who will be responsible for ordering equipment and managing the senate website. Vice President of Student Organizations Emmeline Willey announced that all club update forms are due Oct. 16. Vice President of Student Entertainment Chase Flaherty announced that the Aces are the next artist after Rico Nasty on the Maine Event tour. There has been a large social media campaign to announce the events as well. Homecoming events are also coming up as well, held by the alumni association. The university will be streaming the 2018 homecoming football game, which was the University of Maine vs. the University of Albany. Advisor to Student Government Lauri Sidelko called attention to early voting in the field house on campus on Oct. 17. 


Periodic Reports:


The Student Legal Services Liaison Camryn Hamil advocated for Sean O’Mara, who has provided great legal advice for students and faculty alike. The Orono Town Council Liaison Camryn Hamil announced that a town council meeting will be held on Oct. 19. Absentee ballots can be requested until Oct. 29. These ballots must be returned by 8 p.m. on election day.  Director of Communications Danielle Jarosz has been working closely with student entertainment. The leadership scholarship is still open for applications, so senators should try and spread the word. 


Reports on Standing Committees:


The Membership Committee is meeting with Wyles this week to discuss the senate retreat. The Committee on Policy and Procedure has worked on making an amendment that will allow university staff to have office hours count virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Services Committee had a Q & A session with administrators, and there will be a report on that soon. They should also be having a meeting with UMaine Dining.


Reports on Special Committees:


The student mental health committee will be meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20.


Representative Board Reports: 


The Board of Commuter and Non-Traditional Students has gotten their discord server working. The Black Bear Exchange is still looking for volunteers. The Honors College Student Advisory Board elected a new treasurer, and they are holding their first executive meeting this week. Forum Friday this week will include a talk with Professor Brewer on the importance of voting. The Interfraternity Council put up sign up forms to run for president this week. The Panhellenic Council held their circle of sisterhood workshops and they reported that the event went well. Some chapters have reached capacity, and many chapters are completing event management forms. The Board of Sustainability and Environmental Action presented an internship opportunity available through the Mitchell Center, and they are continuing their efforts with Transportation for All. 


Community Association Reports:


Wilde Stein has elected a new president and secretary. They are also going to request funding to put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The International Student Association will be hosting their coffee hour again outside of Stodder Hall. 


New Business:


An amendment was passed by the senate to allow virtual office hours to be held over Zoom due to COVID-19 and for this to be added to job descriptions. The senate then had a discussion on saying the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings. They voted and decided that the pledge will no longer be said going forward. It will be replaced with something new, that is currently to be determined. 


The senate adjourned shortly after.


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