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UMaine announces 2021’s new tenures

On March 22, the University of Maine System board of trustees approved tenure for 17 faculty members.

Several of the faculty members  the board of trustees recognized are Aaron Putnam, professor of earth sciences and C. Matt Graham, assistant professor of management information systems.

“My tenure is not just my accomplishment,” Graham said. “The faculty of the Maine Business School  [have] supported me and mentored me. And my wife Rosie has always encouraged me to keep writing, [playing] an important role in this achievement.”

Graham completed his Ph.D. in information systems at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has been teaching at UMaine since 2008. He says that during his tenure he will continue to improve the Maine Business School’s (MBS) information systems course offerings. “Additionally, my colleagues [and I] at the MBS are currently working to make our business information systems concentration a major,” Graham said.

From new research to adding more class options, it seems UMaine is going to see many positive changes in the next few years from their 2021 tenures.

As a tenured professor, Putnam hopes to keep up the momentum by expanding the school of earth and climate sciences’ research and teaching programs to address important problems in earth and climate science. Many students, whether they are earning a degree in earth science or not, have the opportunity to learn under  Putnam in ERS 152, an introductory climate change course offered as a general education credit. 

“It is important to me that every citizen is equipped with scientific knowledge that forms the foundation for our understanding of climate change,” Putnam said.

 Putnam received his undergraduate degree from  Bates College and later came to UMaine for graduate school, receiving both his M.S. and Ph.D. from the earth sciences program here in Orono.

“I feel humbled and privileged to serve students at the University of Maine and the people of Maine,” Putnam said on why he teaches at UMaine. “Students here come from all different backgrounds, and each person carries a unique perspective. I probably learn more from UMaine students than they learn from me… I couldn’t imagine another place I’d rather be.”

Take a moment to thank the faculty members of UMaine, whether tenured or not, for their endless support and dedication to our academic community and amazing state. 

“The strengths of UMaine’s faculty contribute to the life transformative experiences for our students and to the overall success of the university as it fulfills its mission statewide and beyond,” Provost John Volin said in a UMaine News article.

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