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Police Beat for Jan. 24

Dec. 8

10:12 p.m. – Up in smoke

University of Maine Police Department (UMPD) responded to an resident assistant (RA) report at Kennebec Hall of an odor of marijuana. Officers made contact with a 19-year old student, who consented to a room search. Police recovered a grinder, a pipe and a mason jar with marijuana in it. The student was summonsed for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dec. 9

9:51 p.m. – Quiet hours

After a string of noise complaints that lasted “weeks and weeks and weeks”, according to UMPD Detective Keith Mercier, a UMaine student, was arrested for disorderly conduct and refusing to submit to arrest. The student was reportedly yelling and screaming in York Hall before his arrest and was transported to Penobscot County Jail.

Dec. 16

7:19 p.m. – Low-class Banksy

UMPD responded to a criminal mischief complaint at the Memorial Union for graffiti in the second floor men’s bathroom. An individual had penned anti-semitic and white supremacist remarks. There are no suspects.

Jan. 1

10:30 p.m. – Take one down, pass it around

UMPD responded to an RA report of an intoxicated individual. Officers found the individual with two cans of Busch beer at his feet. Upon going back to his room, 52 more cans of beer were found. All of them were dumped out and the individual was referred to Judicial Affairs (JA).

Jan. 20

10:57 p.m.  – Cheaper by the dozen

UMPD responded to an RA report of loud noise and underage drinking. Officers found 12 students in the room, being loud and drinking beer. All 12 were referred to judicial affairs.

Jan. 21

After a lengthy investigation, UMPD charged two Orono men on Jan. 21 for their connection to a March 30 burglary of a motor vehicle.

A Burton custom snowboard, with an estimated value of $800, stolen between 12 and 3 a.m. on March 30, was found on Craigslist this month. UMPD responded to the listing and determined that it was the stolen snowboard.

Two individuals of Orono were charged with burglary of a motor vehicle. The owner of the snowboard was contacted and has retrieved it.

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