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Police Beat for April 9

March 29

No more table tennis for you

3:45 a.m. – University of Maine Police Department (UMPD) officers on foot patrol were doing rounds through York Hall Wednesday night when they came across three students, a female resident and two males, playing table tennis. Officers did not recognize either of the males and asked for identification. The males were identified as (redacted), 24 and (redacted), 23. Both were non-students and listed their home address as the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. One week prior, one of the individuals was issued a trespassing notice for the university. When officers ran the second name, there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest and he was transported to Penobscot County Jail (PCJ). Both were reissued a one-year trespassing notice.

Give us the lettuce

9:02 p.m. – UMPD officers noticed a strong odor of marijuana on the third floor of Cumberland Wednesday evening. Officers knocked on the door of a first-year student who admitted to smoking. He had no medical marijuana card. He voluntarily handed over a small plastic bag of marijuana. He was summoned for possession of marijuana.

March 31

I swear to drunk I’m not God, officer

11:00 p.m. – UMPD officers responded to a Resident Assistant (RA) call in Somerset Hall for noise. Officers were directed to a room on the second floor for a “loud party.” Upon arrival, one of the residents of the room opened the door and officers looked inside. They observed “nervous” and intoxicated students in the room and a beer can by a student’s foot. When asked who’s beer it was, a first-year student, admitted the beer was his by holding it up and saying, “Oh, you mean this beer?” He was summoned for illegal possession of alcohol.

April 2

Fight Club
3:55 a.m. UMPD officers on foot patrol heard a loud commotion in York Hall Sunday evening. They discovered the source of noise to be two students, engaging in a “fight club.” The two had no intentions of hurting one another. UVAC was called and checked both students out with no transport. Both students were summoned for disorderly conduct.

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