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Police Beat 01/24 to 2/02


The University of Maine Police Department (UMPD) received a complaint from someone at the Doris Twitchell Allen Village. An individual acted in a disorderly manner after seeing their car was being towed. However, the person was gone upon an officer’s arrival.

Officers took a motor vehicle damage report from the Memorial Gym Lot.

UMPD received a report of a stolen laptop from the Rec Center. The laptop is valued at $1,400.

In Aroostook Hall, a woman approached a man and demanded he pay her money or his nude photographs would be leaked. The investigation is ongoing.



UMPD responded to Androscoggin Hall for a report of disruptive behavior. When officers arrived, no one was located regarding this matter.

Officers arrived at the Rec Center to remove a person from the premises. The individual was issued a criminal trespass warning.

Officers received a tip about underage drinking at the Theta Chi Fraternity house. When officers arrived, the fraternity brothers denied ever seeing the intoxicated individuals and the officers went on their way.



Officers arrived at Knox Hall for a report of criminal mischief. Exit signs on one of the floors were missing.

UMPD received a report of someone smoking marijuana at Cumberland Hall. The individual was referred to conduct.

UMPD and the University Volunteer Ambulance Corps (UVAC) responded to Hilltop after a person rolled their ankle. The individual refused transportation.



A parent contacted UMPD for a welfare check on their child. When officers responded, they found the individual asleep.

UMPD received another report of an individual being threatened to pay a large sum or have their explicit photographs leaked. The person threatened was scammed $300.

During a routine inspection, officers at Knox Hall saw girls under 21 with alcohol in their hands. The officers referred all of them to student conduct.



UMPD arrived at Androscoggin Hall after receiving a report that someone was smoking marijuana. The individual did not have a medical marijuana card, and all of the drugs were confiscated. The student was referred to conduct.

Officers received multiple reports of someone falling into the snow banks. UVAC was also called in, but the person was gone upon arrival.

Officers responded to Penobscot Hall for an intoxicated girl who denied she was drinking. The person was referred to conduct. UMPD later returned to Penobscot Hall for a report of a male and female verbal dispute. The girl was the same one from this entry, and the male was asked to leave the premises.

UMPD received a report from Stuart Commons about damage to the camera system. It was reported to be a mechanical error.

Officers arrived at Cumberland Hall for a report of a trespassing individual. The person was not a student and was escorted off campus.



UMPD responded to the third floor of Somerset Hall after receiving a damage report to the exit signs.



An individual reported their $650 bike was stolen near Boardman Hall.

UMPD received a report of harassment and blackmail. If the individual who reported the incident did not send $1,000 to the accused, then their explicit photographs would be leaked. Investigation is ongoing.



Officers responded to Knox Hall after exit signs were reported to be smashed.



UMPD arrived at York South Lot for a report of criminal mischief. An individual had damage to their car, but officers could not determine the cause.



UMPD responded to the Advanced Structures and Composites Center after a faculty member reported a disorderly person in the building. The individual was issued a criminal trespassing warrant at the university.

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